Friday, September 27, 2019

Using Inductive Reasoning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Using Inductive Reasoning - Essay Example The enlightenment process occurred in the writing â€Å"The library card† is essentially different from that which Plato has described. Plato in his writing is talking about the spiritual enlightenment which leads to salvation. It is about a divine awakening in a person which changes his perception and view about the whole world and himself. When the idea of a human being changes due to the enhancement of his knowledge cannot be completely categorized as spiritual enlightenment rather it is just a revolution in his thoughts and outlook about him and the world. Nevertheless, an intelligently awakened can find the path of spiritual awakening more easily as he is open to new ideas and concepts. The contradictions in two writing The author of the essay explains the way in which he had an opportunity to experience the sense of awakening with the help of different books and novel.  He is a black man had very little knowledge about the real living style and thoughts of white men. H e lived in a time when blacks were oppressed and considered nothing more than slaves. Nevertheless, he had a hidden passion for reading but found no access to books due to the situation he was living in. Even then he managed to get access to books and this was a turning point in his life. He had the chance of reading the predicaments of a white revolutionist who denounced the western customs and practices.H e also became aware of certain names he never knew before which the book mentioned. Slowly he was progressing towards more of reading which was changing his attitude and perception towards the white dominant society. He has been gaining enlightenment with the assistance of the books and novels he was reading. He was gradual that all the whites are not the same, people have different values and ideas. It was also realizing that it is not fair to view everyone in the same way as people are different in their own ways. This changes his attitude and behavior of white men. He was more compassionate towards them and also wanted to fight against injustice prevailing in the society. The difference in the enlightenment described by Plato and the author.

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