Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Essay --

According to Yount, the church should have evaluations â€Å"in order to make sure what God called one to do, is in fact getting done† (449). Evaluation is a word that many people are acquainted with, and although it is a familiar word, it seems to take on a different meaning in various settings, for example, in business, schools, trades, and particularly in the church. There are a lot of evaluation practices in existence within our culture which do not translate as easily when it comes to the life of the congregation, and that’s a good thing because, they should not, in fact, there need to be a means to sort them out, for example, when business practices are imported in the process of evaluation, the impact can be a negative one, although the congregation can benefit and learn from those members who possess valuable experiences in both business and the working world. The whole world belongs solely to God and he allows our Reformed theological tradition to be open to the vast knowledge and experiences that are gained from various settings in which Christians interact with the world. Ye...

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