Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Evolution- Should You Believe in It? :: essays research papers

-This essay is not mine- THE question â€Å"Do you believe in evolution or in creation?† is more than a matter of idle curiosity. The answer that one gives will be deeply reflected in his attitude toward his fellowman, his moral values and his outlook on the future. 2 Belief in evolution is not new; it did not originate with Charles Darwin. But, following publication, in 1859, of his book The Origin of Species, the supporters of the idea have greatly increased in number. In those lands where considerable emphasis is placed on â€Å"science,† the teaching of evolution holds a prominent place in school textbooks. It is introduced in the early grades, and repeated and enlarged upon year after year. 3 It is the desire to find more evidence for this teaching that has also been a prime moving force in the exorbitantly expensive space exploits of the nations. To NASA’s planning chief, Wernher von Braun, the flight of Apollo 11 was â€Å"nothing less than a step in human evolution comparable to the time when life on earth emerged from the sea and established itself on land.† And Science magazine, in its special issue of January 30, 1970, revealed: â€Å"The search for carbon-containing material on the lunar surface is not only a component part of the study of the origin and history of the moon, but an important step in our understanding of the early stages of chemical evolution leading to the origin of life.† So it was with keen anticipation that rock samples were brought back to the earth and carefully analyzed for any traces of life, present or past, but the lack of publicity given to the results was a reflection of the disappointment felt by advocates of evol ution. Still they push on farther, and at even greater expense. Why? In an article entitled â€Å"Future in Space—From Moon to Mars,† U.S. News & World Report announced: â€Å"One of the main goals of such an expedition is to search for evidence of life on the planet.† 4 The basic idea of evolution is that all the plant, animal and human life on this earth had its origin in one-celled life forms that developed in the sea hundreds of millions of years ago. Though some profess to believe that a Creator began the process, this is not true of the majority. Evolutionists contend that the ancestors of man included both apelike beasts and fish.

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