Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Project management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Project management - Essay Example Janis is in a position of power and she has to create an effective communication plan to ensure the success of the project. The first step in the communication plan is to ensure all the key players have the proper communication devices. The company must provide Janis, Clark, Downs, and Pokorski with a smartphone. I recommend the firm purchase four iPhone 4. A smartphone has the capabilities of connecting to the internet which can enable the different managers to send data and information to Janis instantly. The company should also design a mobile application that enables these workers to connect to the company intranet. A lot of businesses in the 21st century have realized the benefits technology offers to improve communication and are taking advantage of its capabilities (Goessl, 2008). Janis also has to create a system to ensure these managers communicate with her on a routinely basis. My recommendation is for the four professionals to have weekly meetings. The meeting can occur ei ther face to face or virtually. The virtual meetings could take place using the services of Skype. Skype is an internet service that enables its users to make video calls free of charge (Skype, 2011). Janis has to be able to manage her human resources effectively to avoid conflicts. The company placed Clark, Downs, and Pokerski in a tough position because they gave Janis the ability to access the resources these managers have at their disposal. It is possible that Janis might ask for work from these managers which might place them in a conflict in regards to their regular work schedule. Janis has to be considerate in her requests. Janis can minimize the conflicts by giving the managers a head start. This can be done during the weekly meetings. If Janis needs to use the employees or resources of the managers she can schedule their services a week in advance. There are always potential risks that project managers might face in any project. A risk is something that may happen that can have a negative impact on a project (Projectperfect, 2011). Janis has to realize a risk assessment in order to find ways to minimize the risk. The project Janis is in charge of is a construction project. An inherent risk the company faces is not selecting the proper construction crew for the project. A way to lower that risk is to hire only workers that have at least three years of experience in the construction industry. Another risk of this type of project is potential accidents to the workers. To offset this risk Janis must purchase insurance. A third risk that Janis might face in the project is time related issues. The project could get delayed which would hurt the plans of the company. A good way to minimize the risk of the project being delayed is by Janis using a work breakdown structure. A work breakdown structure can be defined as result orientated family tree that captures all the work of a project in an organized way (Chapman, 2004). The great thing about using a work bre akdown structure is that it allows the project manager the ability to divide the work in different deliverables. It is easier to estimate the time it takes to complete each deliverable separately. The work breakdown structure can also help the project manager lower the risk of exceeding the stipulated budget for the project. Janis has a budget of $2.75 million for the Alabama construction project. For this project to be completed on time and within budget Janis has to do a good job of communicating

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