Monday, September 9, 2019

Managing a diverse workforce Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Managing a diverse workforce - Term Paper Example The topic under discussion is â€Å"An analysis of the challenge of managing a diverse workforce in a global organization.† George and Jones, (2011) in their book â€Å"contemporary management† discuss how the challenge of managing a diverse workforce in an organization or a company that has gone global is as a result of the management lack of effectiveness and adopting change. The paper will discuss in detail the specific challenges managers of global organizations face when it comes to managing their workforce which is diverse. This diversity is in terms of different cultures, nationality, personalities and even gender (George and Jones, 2011).The benefits of this research topic are aimed at assisting the managers of such organizations that are global in getting tips of how to manage their challenge, console such managers that they are not the only ones facing such a challenge and hence they are not necessarily incompetent in their management and tailor their own ways to manage such a challenge depending on the organization’s culture, mission and vision.It is expected that the findings of this research will be available to almost all (if not all) managers of global organizations or those aspiring their organizations to go global someday. Following the recommendations of this research topic, it is expected that once put into action, the information will also help in solving the other challenges like increase productivity and in the end enable the organization have a competitive advantage over their competitors.

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