Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Class Responses Week 7 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Class Responses Week 7 - Essay Example This is usually because in-group usually has both personal and professional bondage with the leader. The leader is aware of the different ways to deal with the members in the in-group. Contract staff is more distant because they have little time to bond with the rest of the team. I believe that managers should be trained to deal with contract staff so that they feel part of the in-group. I agree with you. Your example shows that TMX centric approach is not effective all the time. It creates a divide in the team which is difficult to handle. The work is also unevenly distributed in this kind of approach. The out-group does not participate equally and this often creates issues in team which is difficult to handle. This approach does not discuss how to distribute work evenly. Also you have given a good suggestion on how to improve the approach by personally dealing with each member in order to include them in the group. I believe that your experience shows that TMX approach is not quite effective. Sometimes it blocks talent from emerging. Productivity really depends on how the subordinate connects with the leader. Sometimes the connection is slow to develop and this approach would impact how the subordinate works even later on. I agree with you that TMX can be effective in developing a sense of ownership among the employees with the organization. I think this approach is quite visible in the military. People in the military do tend to stick with groups and this brings out the problem with this

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